(FAP-APP (Smart Utility Assistant

Made in: Iran
Manufacturer: Farayand Argham Pardaz Inc.
Professional comprehensive software for detecting and accurate instrument projects on installation networks (Web)
The software department of the Research and Technology Development Unit in Farayand Argham Pardaz Company, has been developing comprehensive software by utilizing the latest methods of the world and based on the more than 16-year experience of specialized work on a variety of detection and measurement projects at installation networks. This software is a reliable and effective tool for employers and contractors in different parts of installation industry.
FAP Utility Expert Applications:
1. Documenting all operational activities in a project.
2. Reporting all activities of exclusive teams.
3. Reporting results and progress of the project with variety of filtering.
4. Reporting data based on their GPS locations and display on Google-maps.
5. Analyzing and managing data, human resource and time.
Projects Using FAP Utility Expert Software:
1. Leak detection and water waste reduction projects.
2. Unauthorized installation branches detection projects.
3. Lost valves detection projects in installation networks.
4. Electronic markers installation and detection projects in installation networks.
5. Water meter performance testing projects.
We would support more projects at next phases.
The ability to use this web application in a variety of smart communication systems, such as phones, tablets and computers, has made it easy to use the software. The software sent all data by coding to the server and has several access layers for data management. 
This software will be presented to the market after finishing registration process.
Please contact company's sales and marketing team for more information.

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