FAP SENSE Portable Water Meter Test Kit

Made in: Iran
Manufacturer: Farayand Argham Pardaz Ltd. 
 FAP SENSE  Portable Water Meter Test Kit:
Portable Water Meter Test Kit
Special for C-Class R-160 Water Meters
Integrated and industrial design with unique capabilities.
This system uses the most accurate flow and pressure sensors has provided a smart system to verify the performance of Class C water meters with R=160 or lower classes.
This system supports professional FAP-APP application.
Special Capabilities: 
1. Equipped with ultra-precise UF25B internal flow sensor
          Ultrasonic Transit Time in-line
          Non-invasive sensor technology
2. Equipped with accurate internal pressure sensor
          PRSSR TRNS 0-150 PSIG 0-5V
3. Designed to support class C, R = 160 and C class water meters, and functionable on lower class meters.
4. Support Q1, Q2, Q3 tests and Q start
5. Full-color 5" screen with the possibility to display under sun light. 
6. Display the minimum, maximum and average of flowing data and pressure of each test.
7. Display and function in five languages (English, Farsi, French, Arabic, Japanese).
8. Equipped with temperature and humidity sensors to control and manage the performance of the device in different environmental conditions.
9. Equipped with internal leakage sensor for device connections and intelligent device control.
10. FAP-APP specialized app support
11. Real Time Clock
12. Ergonomic design, impact, water and dust resistant
13. Accurate and easy to use
14. Installed in a NANUK waterproof and shockproof case
15. Rechargeable and fast charge batteries
16. Farsi User Manuals and Training Videos
Technical Specifications:
• Internal Flow Sensor
Ultrasonic transit time in-line cell     
Max. flow L/min (Q3)    25
Transitional flow L/min (Q2)   0.5
Min. flow L/min (Q1)   0.2
• Internal Flow Sensor Operation
The performance accuracy between Q2 & Q3 is 3% of reading rate
The performance accuracy between Q1 & Q2 is 5% of reading rate
Flow reading accuracy: 0.001 L/min (1 mL/min)
Reverse Flow: 0-25 L/min
Response Time: better than 0.1 second
Passing fluid temperature: -10 to +85°C 
• Internal flow sensor specifications
Flow tube material: Glass filled plastic, Grivory HT1V-4FWA Black 9225
(FDA and EU approved for foodstuffs)
Maximum tolerable Pressure: 10 Bar
Environmental protection level of flow sensor: IP66 level of protection
• Internal Pressure Sensor
Piezo-resistive thick film ceramic sensor
Stainless Steel body
High accuracy and less than ±%0.25 FS BFSL error
Operating Temperature -20 to +80 °C
• Measurable parameters 
Passing Flow (instantaneous, minimum, average, maximum)
Water Pressure (instantaneous, minimum, average, maximum)
Volume of Passing Water
• Displayable units
Flow (L/min, L/sec, m³/h)
Pressure (Bar, Psi, Pascal)
Volume (m³, Liter)
• Display
5-inch TFT color display with capability to operate under the sun with 1000 nuts
Operate in 5 different languages (English, Farsi, French, Arabic, Japanese)
Display the date and time by using the internal Real Time Clock
Display the internal temperature and humidity of the device
• Sound
Audio alarm
Water leakage sensor to detect water leakage from internal connections of the case
Temperature sensor
Humidity sensor  
Internal clock
Possibility to set exact date and time
• Compatible with specialized utility application: FAP-APP 
• Operating temperature -10° C to + 60 ° C
• Battery
Li-ion rechargeable battery pack 3 x 3.7
Smart battery management system
Sleep-Mode, Power Saving Mode
• Charger
Equipped with fast charger 220V – 50Hz
• Carrying Case
NANUK waterproof and shockproof Cases
• Farsi User Manual
• Farsi training video
• 3 years guarantee
• 10 years after sales services