(MMAG) ™MicroMag

Made in: Canada
Manufacturer: Inuktun Services Ltd.
The MicroMag™ mobile robotic inspection vehicle is compact, waterproof and magnetic. It can be rapidly deployed for many applications that exclude most ordinary remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).
Portable, powerful and truly modular, Inuktun’s MicroMag™ magnetic crawler is an ideal tool for remote visual inspection (RVI) of storage tanks, rail cars, pressure vessels, piping systems, nuclear power installations, ship hulls, offshore facilities, and more. Operable above, below or at the waterline, this remotely controlled robotic system offers unparalleled performance in the most challenging environments. And, because it is just one configuration of the Versatrax 100™ crawler, the MicroMag™ is easily adaptable for a range of applications. Multiple vehicle chassis, pan and tilt cameras, long cable lengths and ultrasonic testing (UT) probes are all optional as standard equipment. Or, when something more specific is required, we can integrate client supplied sensors or tools quickly and economically. Easy to deploy and simple to operate, the MicroMag™ system gets you where you need to go... even in the splash zone.
Key Specifications:
Depth Rating: 30m / 100ft
Maximum Tether Length: 180m / 600ft Maximum Speed: 9m / 30ft per minute Vehicle Payload: up to 4.5kg / 10lb Front Facing Camera: Spectrum 45™
Optional: Spectrum 90™ and/or auxiliary rear facing Crystal Cam®
Vehicle Weight: 6.2kg / 13.6lb
Vehicle Dimensions: 280x180x130mm / 11x7x5in

Standard Components: 
2 x 4000 series Microtracs™, 1 x Spectrum 45™ camera, high intensity LED lighting, chassis and wiring harness, 30m / 100ft tether, Versatrax™ power supply / controller in Pelican® case with Digital Video Recorder and sunlight readable monitor
Industries & Applications:
Oil & Gas (Onshore/Offshore)
Spectrum 90™ 
Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera for more detailed visual inspection
UT Probe 
Ultrasonic Testing Probe for thickness measurement and remaining useful life assessment
Vertical Inspection 
Built-in rare earth magnets allow the MicroMag™ to travel in any direction on ferrous metal surfaces.
Portable System 
Portable system vehicle, tether, reel and controller are housed in Pelican™ cases allowing for quick deployment.

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