Made in: Iran
Manufacturer: Farayand Argham Pardaz Inc. 
CASPI-II, Digital Metal Detector is the new generation of metal detectors designed by the Technology Research and Development department of the Farayand Argham Pardaz Company. CASPI-II is an upgraded model of our old popular metal detector, CASPI Tech-F1, for export purposes. This new light metal detector performs 10 times faster than old metal detectors. CASPI-II is equipped with the most advanced detecting technology and smart signal strength management.
CASPI-II designed and produced completely based on industrial and military technical standards and considerations and has unique operational capabilities.
Features and Capabilities:
• Detection of valves, manhole doors, joints and main valves with very high accuracy
• Ability to determine the exact depth of metal targets with an error of 0 to 8%
• Equipped with small and large target detection system simultaneously
• Equipped with unique metal separation capability and target detection simultaneously
• Equipped with a geographic coordinates system for detecting targets (GPS)
• Equipped with internal memory to store data for 25 discovered targets
• Equipped with wireless radio headphone (with wired functionality)
• Equipped with Night vision graphic display in three languages: English, Farsi and Arabic 
• Very easy to use
• Free theory and practice training
Electronic specifications:
Technology: PI (Pulse Induction)
Frequency of operation: 200 Hz (frequency band VLF)
Burning speed: less than 1 m / s
Detection: Equipped with smart metal detection system with two separate processors
Metal Detection: Equipped with a metal separation system automatically while simultaneously
         detecting the target
        - The separation of ferrous and non- ferrous family metals
Display: 128x64 Graphic LCD display with night vision in three languages: English, Farsi, Arabic
Voice: Equipped with 8 ohm speaker with four adjustable volume levels
        - Equipped with wireless headset with wired functionality
Depth determination system: Detection system for targets in 10 to 100 cm2
Ability to determine the exact depth of circular and square shape targets by user selections
Maximum error 0% to 8 % to a depth of 1.5 meters
GPS:  Global internal GPS positioner with CEP accuracy of 2.5m
Internal memory: Ability to store locational and descriptive information of more than 25 detected
         target points 
Battery: 6 x 1.5V AA batteries
Operating time: 8 hours continuously and 5.5 hours with all features

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