Made in: Canada
Manufacturer: Sensors & Software Inc.
Conquest® GPR: Get rapid, reliable results and reduce the need for destructive testing. Conquest® GPR is a light, portable device that provides a fast, non-invasive method to gain accurate insights of objects below the concrete surface, even on a curved surface or column. Conquest® GPR reduces risk by detecting rebar, post-tension cables, metallic and non-metallic conduits as well as current-carrying wires embedded in concrete. Once your concrete scan is complete, Conquest™ GPR connects to your mobile device, allowing you to email information directly from the field. Back in the office view your data and make client-ready reports in minutes.
Locate rebar, post-tension cables, metallic and non-metallic conduits embedded in concrete.
Create detailed scans of concrete floors, decks, columns, walls and ceilings to detect embedded objects before cutting or coring. Detect voids beneath slab-on-grade.
Locate and map current carrying wires using Power Cable Detector (PCD) technology.
Line Scan:
Line Scan reconnaissance surveys provide a real–time assessment of targets embedded in concrete. Pinpoint targets with the backup arrow.

Grid Scan Mode:
Grid Scan detailed mapping generates on–site 3D images to better visualize embedded objects. Multiple grid sizes available.

Power Cable Detector (PCD):
Power cables embedded in concrete pose an immediate risk when construction work needs to be done. PCD augments GPR imaging with the ability to detect current–carrying utility lines. Locate and differentiate these hazardous utilities from other structural elements.

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