Disk Marker

Made in: Iran
Manufacturer: Farayand Argham Pardaz Inc.
Electronic markers or electronic signs of installations are passive electronic components that are used to mark the critical points of installation networks. These pieces replace physical signs and symbols.
Electronic markers are electromagnetic resonance circuits with high Q which are simulated band activated without need to the battery in the environment of their detector.
The produced electronic markers at knowledge based Farayand Argham Pardaz Company, are manufactured completely in accordance with international standards in seven standard frequencies and seven standard colors of the global installation networks.
All produced electronic markers have an IP68 protection standard (waterproof) and have a long-term anti-acid and anti-base body material for over 70 years life cycle.
Disc shaped markers with a performance similar to the near Surface markers have a lot of technical differences and therefore offer a variety of applications.
Disc type markers are designed and manufactured with air core and have a wide range of applications for mounting on valves and non-metallic manhole doors.
Disc type markers are widely located in the center of the valves and the non-metallic manhole doors (composites) of the installation networks and prevent the loss of their spatial information. Easy, quick installation and also cost-effective price of these markers have made them one of the most popular markers in the world.
1. Separation of sub-surface installations
2. Seven different frequency types 
3. Long life Cycle (over 70 years)
4. IP68 Waterproof  Standard
5. Anti-acid and anti-base
6. Accurate spot marking
7. Fast operation at installation detection time
8. Low price
9. The ability to create integrated network management
10. The best method for detecting at natural disasters (earthquakes, floods and ...)
11. Easy to use for detecting
12. No need to battery
13. Fast installation
14. No environmental impact
15. Non-interference of close markers
16. Forecasting more modern devices
1. Marking valves and manholes
2. Marking the path of buried pipes and cables in the soil
3. Marking Bend, CAP, T-Service, Place of Bends and ...

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