FTG-30W Gas Acoustic Non-Metal Pipe Locator (Acoustic Technology)

Made in: Japan 
Manufacturer : FUJI TECOM Inc.
The metallic pipe locator with electromagnetic induction is commonly used for pipe exploration these days. However, another way is always needed in case that is impossible to find non-metallic pipe and hard to take ground. This Locator was created for non-metallic gas pipe and especially PE pipe exploration on the coattails of TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd. The location of pipes is identified with the leased characteristic noise into pipe and the caught effect comes up by sensor.

Applications :
1- Location of buried pipe can be found whatever pipe bore and material is.
Effective for non-metallic pipe and PE pipe.
Insulating coupling is adaptable.
2- Part of damage and blocked drains due to the inclusion of soil and sand can be found.
3- Adaptable to exploration within the range approximately measuring100m each from transmitter (Totally approximately measuring 200m / PE pipe)
4- Exploration using noise level as simple operation
(No grounding, no intercept from metals around)
This is a device to transmit acoustic vibration into pipe from plumbing, receive the returned acoustic vibration and noise picked up by sensor, and identify the location of buried pipe under situation that pipeline locator is not  available for broken off non-metallic pipes.

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