OJAN-II (Installation Network Smart Marker Locator)

Made in: Iran    
Manufacturer: Farayand Argham Pardaz Inc. 
OJAN-II a Digital Marker Locator is the new generation of digital marker locators which has been designed in the technology research and development department of the Farayand Argham Pardaz Company.
OJAN-II is an upgraded model of OJAN for export purposes. This marker locator with standard universal frequencies and also with high precision performance is equipped with the most advanced detection and filtering technology to be the most efficient electronic sign detector in installation networks.
OJAN-II is designed and produced in all stages based on industrial and military technical standards and considerations and have unique operational capabilities.
Features and Facilities:
•  Detection of electronic signs at installation network in seven different frequencies for water, sewage and
   wastewater, gas, electricity, telecommunications networks and also general and military uses
•  Equipped with the operational frequency for digital markers and marker locators according to the
   universal frequency
•  Equipped with a geographical coordinate system for detected targets (GPS)
•  Equipped with E-markers with over 70 years of life cycle without any need to battery
•  Equipped with electronic markers with IP-68 standard which have anti-acidic & anti-base properties in
    order to bury in deep soil
•  Equipped with Internal storage to store data for 25 discovered targets
•  Equipped with wireless radio headphones (with wired functionality)
•  Equipped with Bluetooth data transfer system 
•  Equipped with Night vision graphic display in three languages: English, Farsi and Arabic
•  Very easy to use
Electronic specifications:
•  Technology: Electromagnetism, oscillating resonance
•  Frequency of operation: Seven standard installation frequencies
•  Burn speed: Less than 1.5 m / s
•  Detection: Equipped with intelligent combination resonance using IF filters
•  Display: 128x64 Graphic LCD display with night vision in three languages: English, Farsi, Arabic
•  Sound: Equipped with 8 ohm speaker with four adjustable volume levels
    - Equipped with wireless headset with wired functionality
• GPS: Global internal GPS positioner with CEP accuracy of 2.5m
•  Battery: 6 x 1.5V AA batteries
•  Operating time: 8 hours continuously and 5.5 hours with all features
Device specifications:
•  Dimensions: 100 * 30 * 16 cm
•  Weight of the device: 2 Kg (no battery included)
•  Standard: IP-68 for disk finder
    - IP-65 for the body of the device
•  3 years warranty
•  Unlimited after-sales service
•  Farsi user manual and training film

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