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  • Hello, Can pcm accurately determine the unauthorized passage of underground pipelines beyond the scanning of corrosion coatings?


    The PCM X simultaneously generates a pipeline map or plan and identifies the smallest variations in the level of flow between the pipeline and the soil, which is a sign of weakening or insulation imperfections. This device is also a pipe locator or pipeline router, so if there is a branching pipe on the main line, it can be detected by PCM X. But the user must know how to scan the ground in order to discover the branches.

  • Hi, I want to know more information about holding training courses and I want to know if there is any possibility for the companies that do not have government employees to participate in your traini

    The professional training courses related to company’s products, would be just available for customers who finalized their orders or need more trainings. But specialized underground detection courses are open to the public.

    If you would like to participate in specific course, please let us know your interested course, and you will be notified on each theoretical and practical course.

    You would receive a formal certificate of course after participating in a professional training course.

  • What is the maximum and minimum depth of detection in non-metallic objects?

    Soil is one of the most important determinants of penetration depth. The higher the dielectric or soil conductivity, or the absorption of magnetic materials, would cause the less depth of penetration.

    The target species, target shape, fluid in the target, and so forth are the determining factors. In case of need more information please inform us your target, conditions of the soil and your area in order to receive more complete guidance by the company's specialists.

  • Hi dear expert, I do not want to waste any time and would be so thankful if you could let me know the minimum price of Pipe & Cable Locator. Also, I am interested to know if simple operators without

    For low-volume work, you do not need to buy a device and the related companies provide you services.
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